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New point of view on imitation modeling

Imitation modeling is the method, which allows us to build models, describing processes as they would be. The process could be called a combination of actions, which is projected to achieve the certain goal.

UFOModeler - is the Russian innovative software to create an imitation of technological production and organizational business processes, based on the original system-object way «Node-Function-Object».

More information about the system-object way «Node-Function-Object» you can find clicking on the links: http://ru.wikipedia.org/wiki/Узел-Функция-Объект, also check out our project site UFO-Toolkit (http://ufo-toolkit.ru), The software «UFOModeler» is based on the CASE-tool graphic editor «UFO-Toolkit»

Installation instruction of UFOModeler | A practical guide for developing imitation models in UFOModeler

Minimization of graphical process models

It can minimize the graphical process models by analyzing its formal description. It also has an ability transforming models to description on the language of business process fulfillment XPDL.

Imitation processes

It can imitate the fulfillment of technological production processes for increasing their transparency and controllability by using the developed researching prototype of the imitation modeling system.

Generation of various processes

It can generate new options for organizational business and technological production processes according to the required criteria by using mechanisms of inference on knowledge models.

Process visualisation for employees

Construction (Node-Function-Object) allows describing the process systemically (its structural, functional and object characteristics), in combination with visual presentation of business process model for employees.

Innovational UFOModeler - novelty and global comparison

At first, the set theory system method is still on system analysis. Neither Russian nor other countries' authors represented the knowledge of modeling of organizational business and technological production processes.


The new is results of using in system analysis the presentation of knowledge and modeling of technological production processes of Abadi-Kardeli objects calculations and organizational business - Milner's process calculation.


The proposed method of computer representation of knowledge of dynamic systems using the integration of the system method and visual graph-analytical models, as well as the results of formalization of these models have no analogues.

Product area

Imitation modeling of technological processes

Imitation modeling of organizational business processes

Designing production lines

Creating real-time models of technological and organizational business processes

Visual static modeling of processes

Analysis of system functional efficiency according to the given criteria

Advantages UFOModeler

Embedded language

It has embedded language, which allows describing the dynamic of the functioned system.

Innovational system-object way

«Node-Function-Object» allows you in the frame of one model presenting a full description of the modeling process with clarification to the required level of decomposition.

Visualization of modeling results

Shows the results of imitation of modeling process .

Data storage

Ability to store separate blocks of models in special information repository.


Lower price, comparison with analogs.

UFOModeler - Software registration confirmation for ЭВМ № 2015663240

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